…Because We Like Nice Things…

‘The Little One’ arrived on Friday safe and sound…yet it is easy to see that the trauma of the news of having cancer has taken a little bit out of him.  There is no person on earth who is not immune to trauma (in some circles it is called…DRAMA) and while I have been blessed in my life to have good health, I have no idea what it is like to be told that I  have cancer.

As I ponder this revelation, I look around all the nice things we have in our home…rather all the things that we have accumulated over the years.   While those ‘nice things’ are pretty, the news of ‘The Little One’ having cancers has really put a perspective on those nice things.

The nicest thing that we can have in life is the love of a spouse, the love of a partner…the love of a brother…the love of a sister…the love of a niece…the love of a nephew.  I think you know where I am heading with this thought.

Love, Faith and Reality is what allows us to get through these difficult times.  Having nice things are not what life is all about;  love is what endures…faith is what gives us hope.  Those ‘nice things’ that I refer to  are simply objects; when objects take the place of love…there is no place to cope, no place to lean on, no place to care.

Love has no boundaries and love kills all that ills us;  Love, Faith, Family and Friends will certainly allow us to deal with any and everything that is placed before us in the months and years ahead.   Because all the nice things that we really have is the love and friendship of our family and friends.

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  1. Vic Barnhart on August 8, 2011 at 12:19 am

    Three things remain: Faith, Hope, and Love…and the greatest of these is Love.

    And prayers from friends, which are themselves Love. Much prayer. Much love.

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