In November We Are Celebrating National Family Caregiver Month with 30 Healing Ties Podcast in 30 Days.

Meet our Amazing Guest from Week Two

We are celebrating National Family Caregivers month with the reboot of Healing Ties Podcast and the soft launch of our new Whole Care Network website.

These talented group of individuals from a variety of organization are serving the caregiving community around the clock and are creating Healing Ties throughout their community by their words, actions and deeds!

Each Healing Ties 30 in 30 podcast episodes are produced to provide you with resources you seek, comfort we need, and a fun-fact about all our guest to demonstrate the importance of self-care and respite.

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Matt Gurwell

Season 8: Episode 8
Founder at Keeping Us Safe

After a successful 24 year career with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Matt created Beyond Driving with Dignity to help seniors and their families when it became time to retire from driving.

And…Matt’s one Fun-Fact will have you twirling in the air with anticipation of sites unseen!

Click here to > Listen in and learn how Matt Gurwell is creating Healing Ties all around us.

Katherine Wells

Season 8: Episode 9
Founder at Serenity Engage

As a caregiver, Katherine recognized there was a communication gap between senior living staff, their residents and families and developed an App that is engaging everyone on the care team!

And…Katherine’s one Fun-Fact will will have you hot and stretched out.

Click here to >Listen in and learn how Katherine Wells is creating Healing Ties all around us!

Loren Gleberg-Goff

Season 8: Episode 10
Therapist and Author

Loren personal caregiving experience is an added benefit to caregivers because she is committed to providing caregivers with just the right tools to take as good care of yourself as you do of others in your life!

And…Loren’s one Fun-Fact will allow you to sleep in peace and tranquility.

Click here to> Listen in and learn how Loren Gelberg-Goff is creating Healing Ties all around us!

Kate Fassbender

Season 8: Episode 11
Dementia Letters Project

Kate realized at an early age when her grandmother was diagnosis with Vascular Dementia that she destined to make a difference with people living with this insidious disease. As a classical trained musician she is doing that, and much more

And...Kate’s Fun-Fact! will have you checking out left and right.

Click here to >Listen in and learn how Kate Fassbender is creating Healing Ties all around us!

Theresa Wilbanks

Season 8: Episode 12
Sustainable Caregiving

While living in abroad, Theresa and her husband made the decision to return home to care for her father. Theresa’s passion is to help each family caregiver balance the trials and tribulations with care and compassion and a healthy dose of love and laughter.

And…Theresa’s Fun-Fact will have you ready to travel in Europe!

Click here to > Listen in and learn how Gincy is creating Healing Ties all around us!

Fritzi Gros-Daillon

Season 8: Episode 13
Age Safe America

Named Educator of the Year by NAHB for 2019, Fritzi teaches aging in place and universal design courses throughout the country. Fritzi’s soothing style and her experience allows her to work with multi-discipline professionals and clients of all ages.

And…Fritzi’s Fun-Fact will make any veteran proud.

Click here to > Listen in and learn how Heather is creating Healing Ties all around us!

Matt Reiners

Season 8: Episode 14

As the co-founder at Eversound, Matt recognized the frustration his grandmother was having with hearing loss and decided to take on the issue first hand with a life-long friend and has created a product that is improving the lives of seniors all over the country.

And…Matt’s Fun-Fact will allow all of us to enjoy more peanuts.

Click here to > Listen in and learn how Matt is creating Healing Ties all around us!

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