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"Everyone has a story, but not everyone gets a chance to tell their story.  On the Whole Care Network, we give you the opportunity to tell your story because the best information and trusted referrals, comes from the stories we have and the experiences we share!" 

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Christopher MacLellan
FOUNDER & CEO - Whole Care Network, Inc.

Create New and Authenic Content...

  • In Your Own Voice...
  • About Your Story and Brand...
  • On Your Podcast Channel...
  • Embedded On Your Website...
  • Available On Your Social Media, Blog, Newsletters...
  • Featured On All The Popular Podcast Platforms!
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Enhance Your Marketing Portfolio...

Your custom podcast series of six-episodes (or more) are strategically crafted to delve deeply into the key aspects of your own brand, product, or service - in your words and in your voice- complementing your marketing efforts!

Each episode follows a proven format to introduce you, or your product or services, by sharing four or five key topics, then recap and pull everything together in a “Call to Action” episode. 

Your dedicated podcast channel and individual episodes can be embedded in your own website, newsletter and social media outlets while being automatically distributed to all the popular podcast platforms including Spotify, Google Play, Apple, iHeart (and many more).

Our virtual studio makes is easy for us to turn your audio podcast into a video podcast. 


Snapshot of Some of the Amazing Benefits of Your Custom Podcast Series 

Virtual Studio Allows You To Record from Anywhere

Powered by our virtual studio allows you to be comfortable recording in your our surroundings. We'll guide you on obtaining the proper microphone and camera to maximize your podcast.

Professional Edited Audio and Video  

Our team of top-notch editors have years of experience to make all of us sound and look good!

Statistical Reports 

Powered by, your podcast channel has a unique RSS feed and URL which allows us to track the progress of your podcast by individual episodes, how and where people are listening and much, much more!

Target Marketing

Your audio file can used in a variety of social media formats and transcribed into Show Notes to be used on your company blog, news letters, emails and more!

NEW - Become a WCN-Fluencer 

As a WCN-Fluencer we'll create your own custom microsite on the Whole Care Network, add your podcast to our WCN podcast cataloged for additional exposure for your story and brand and create a 10 to 15 minute You Tube welcome video for you to use across our networks.

Yes Video Podcasts Are Available

We can create a video podcast, and commercials to play across your website, blog, You Tube Channel and social media platforms (get in touch for pricing on for video editing).


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What Guest Are Saying

"It was a treat to be interviewed by Chris on PodPourri – Senior Living Insights sponsored by The Ehlers' Group.  Chris’ easy manner and welcoming way of encouraging storytelling produces a podcast that is informative and fun at the same time.  The overall topic of senior living is so rich with stories and insights.   I look forward hearing more informative interviews under Chris’s expert, engaging guidance.

Jane Marie OConner

Jane Marie O'Conner
CEO 55+ Marketing

"Podcasts are a wonderful opportunity to take time to relax and simply talk about something a person likes, enjoys, or just wants to share. When used to introduce a 55+ Community or the wonderful events or advantages available it can be a terrific tool.

Working with Janis Ehlers and Chris a short time ago I had the chance to experience it all in person. I found my experience with Chris was very different from an interview. It was a fun easy exchange of information and ideas. His questions helped weave me through many years of experience and drew forth stories I hope proved interesting and, in some cases, maybe even value to a Builder, Developer or resident on that 55+ Community journey! Thank you Janis and Chris."


Our Popular Podcast Series Includes...