Island Treasures Podcast - Featuring Alison van Schie

S3 E11 (1)

Alison van Schie, BSW Caregiving Consultant

I became a caregiving consultant after recognizing there was a huge gap in services for caregivers. I had seen this first when I was working in the long-term care home as a social worker and soon after when working in the community with seniors who had dementia, along with their care partners. There were resources for the one with dementia but very little support for their caregiver. I had been a social worker for over 25 years and knew that there was something that I could and should do. I trained to be a caregiving consultant and started my own business to support caregivers. I have retired from social work to fully concentrate on caregivers of loved ones with dementia or Alzheimers or a chronic illness; to help support them through the unchartered territory of caregiving.

About Alongside Caregiver Consulting


My Strengths:

  • Assisting with transition and grief support
  • Educating and providing resources
  • Providing advocacy
  • Helping to prioritize your needs
  • Experienced facilitator of caregiver support groups
  • Excellent listener
  • Strengths-based approach to supporting caregivers

Services We Offer:

A 15-minute complimentary consultation to see if you would like Alongside Caregiver Consulting to work with you. This consultation process helps determine if we are a good fit. Once you have decided you would like our services, we offer packages that consist of an hourly rate, three one-hour sessions or 10 one-hour sessions, during which we focus on your needs as a caregiver.

We tailor the sessions to your specific needs to:

  • Explore coping strategies
  • Provide focus and clarity to determine your immediate need
  • Formulate a wellness plan to build momentum to enhance your caregiving journey.
  • Provide regular check-ins to ensure strategies are incorporated into your caregiving journey.

If you feel entrenched, overwhelmed or stuck in your caregiving role and need a non-judgmental, listening ear, you may find the tools, services and resources provided by Alongside Caregiving Consulting give a fresh, objective perspective and help enhance your caregiving journey.

Support Groups

If you feel you would benefit from joining a support group, please contact Alongside Caregiver Consulting. We provide a safe place for you to come to meet with other caregivers and receive support, share ideas, and feel less alone. Reminders and summaries are provided for each meeting, while respecting confidentiality.

Family Emergency Plan

We are pleased to introduce the “Family Emergency Plan”. This comprehensive planning tool helps you work through the “what ifs” of unexpected crises, so you can effectively manage life, work and your caregiving responsibilities. The plan includes reference material for you to keep once your initial plan has been completed. We invite you to prepare for the unexpected by booking Alongside Caregiver Consulting for a one-hour session to work through your Family Emergency Plan, today.

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