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On Sunday, we celebrated Richard’s (aka TLO) life with family and friends in St. Louis. I’m sharing with you a lovely tribute to Richard by our good friend, Dr. Jeffrey Carter, Chair of the Music Department at
Webster Universtiy. Thank you Jeff for your kind words and remembrance of Richard in such a special way!

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  1. Harrietp107 on April 28, 2014 at 12:20 pm

    Hi Chris, Thanks so much. I enjoyed Dr. Jeffrey Carters’ comments. You may recall that Richard and I spoke about theater and that he took me to a ballet a LONG time ago.As you must know he lived VERY near Lincoln center, many years ago. Things were SO different. I am so very happy that you found each other.. You are quite amazing.Richard was so fortunate to find you and I continue to appreciate that. love, Harriet