The Caregiver Cafe’ Podcast Featuring Roz Jones

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Rosalind Jones

Rosalind Jones is a virtual caregiver coach dedicated to taking a proactive approach to working with caregivers and their loved ones positively impacting their quality of life. She also serves as an advocate, crisis counselor, and healthcare intervention. But she didn’t start out on this path.

Rosalind was working in the corporate world doing very well, but then was asked to do a favor for a church member. She accompanied her to the hospital for what was suppose to be a quick two day visit that turned into a two week stay. Here is where her journey into caregiving began. From this point on Rosalind was determined to make a difference in the healthcare world. She opened Jacksonville’s Best Caregivers in 2009 to provide families a place to turn to when their loved ones need long-term health care.

In addition to running Jacksonville’s Best Caregivers, Rosalind uses her experience and education to provide training to new caregivers and their family members so they are able to best care for their loved ones. She is also an author and a dynamic speaker.

Hi I am Roz Jones. I created The Caregiver Cafe podcast to tackle and highlight caregivers' daily situations with their aging loved ones. These podcasts will empower you to navigate the care and challenges of your loved one with relevant topics, the stories of your peers, and their life experiences.


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