We Give Thanks…to the Horn Blower!

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One of our favorite breakfast nook’s is Chris’ Pancake & Dining (it gives us the illusion that I am cooking!). As we pulled the car up to the parking lot, I stopped the car in front of the building so that ‘The Little One’ would have a short distance to walk to the restaurant. (Four weeks ago he would not have been able to walk on his own to the front door of the restaurant.)

As he was getting out of the car, the person behind us had to blow the horn as we were not moving fast enough to meet his needs. In the classic ‘The Little One’s’ style, he got out of the car and asked the horn blower…’What’s the hurry?’ That exchange reminded me that he is feeling better as four weeks ago, he would not have even bothered with an exchange like that.

While thinking about the ‘horn blower’ and his impatience, I was reminded about what really is important on Thanksgiving… Giving thanks, being present to your loved ones and caring for those around you.

Cancer has taught both of us a lesson that has been invaluable and it comes in one simple word… Thanksgiving!

We are thankful for today, hopeful for tomorrow and want to enjoy as many sunsets as we possibly can. There are so many things that happen in life that are not in our control. Why blow the horn if you are not in danger?

When you give up control, you gain freedom!

The horn I am blowing today is in thanksgiving and gratitude for the things I have, the family and friends that surround us and the continued good health and happiness of ‘The Little One.’


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