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Families come here to find accurate, authentic, and up-to-date information.
Care Leaders come here to scale their work, build collaborations, and realize their potential.
We are taking collective ownership to strengthen our families, communities, and businesses.

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Our Mission is Twofold.

Mission 1 - Family Caregivers

To make care better everywhere by creating media, in all forms, that shares authentic care stories and trusted information with families facing tough care challenges.

Mission 2 - The Care Economy

To solve difficult care challenges through true collaboration among care leaders maximizing the diversity in our perspectives, expertise, skills and talents.

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Welcome to The Whole Care Network Podcasts, your gateway to a wealth of information and knowledge from leaders in various caregiving industries. The Whole Care Network is dedicated to shedding light on the crucial aspects of caregiving, offering insights, expertise, and support to individuals, families, and professionals who navigate the complex world of caregiving.

Our podcasts bring you in-depth conversations, interviews, and discussions with experts, thought leaders, and individuals who have valuable experiences to share. Whether you are a caregiver, a family member seeking guidance, a healthcare professional, or simply interested in expanding your understanding of caregiving, our podcasts provide a platform for learning, inspiration, and connection.

From topics related to senior care and aging gracefully to discussions on mental health, disabilities, and various caregiving challenges, our podcasts cover a broad spectrum of subjects that impact the caregiving community. We believe that by amplifying the voices of those at the forefront of caregiving, we can empower and inform our listeners, enabling them to make informed decisions and provide better care to their loved ones.

Whether you're seeking practical advice, personal stories, or a deeper understanding of caregiving, The Whole Care Network Podcasts offer a rich and ever-expanding resource for all those who care about caregiving. Thank you for joining us on this journey of knowledge and compassion.

To explore our diverse range of podcasts and access valuable insights from our featured guests, please visit our podcast directory

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Our streaming radio channel features soothing show hosts, relaxing music, and trusted conversations by people who know and care.

We bring personal care stories and reliable resources for those living with a care role.

The Whole Care Network…All Care, All the Time!


Resources to Help You Balance Your Physical, Social, Financial, and Spiritual Health. The Whole Care Network's 4 Pillars of Care.

Much like a table needs 4 even legs to stay balanced, family caregivers and their loved ones need balance to thrive. It's easy to be thrown off balance when you are a caregiver.

The Whole Care Network is here to help you find balance through stories you can identify with, resources you can count on, and referrals you can trust, all centered around our 4 Pillars of Care.

In December 2023, I read an article in Variety Magazine  about how The Creative Coalition and AARP Entertainment joined forces to bring care stories to film. The My Green Folder film project was submitted to AARP after the article announcing the partnership was published in Vanity Fair.
Since our working script was finalized in September 2022, I've engaged in all the traditional methods to get our project in front of entertainment industry decision-makers; now, I am on a mission to get 100,000 (and more) testimonials to bring My Green Folder film project to decision-makers in the entertainment industry, and YOU can be a big help! 
The My Green Folder Film project is based on the true life story of Richard Schiffer and Christopher MacLellan navigating the American Health Care System after the diagnosis of a terminal illness.  
Our story hits all the current hot social, economic, health care, privacy, legal orientation, and caregiving issues that are at the forefront of today's society.
But in its true essence, My Green Folder film is a love story!

Click "Beau" below to learn more about the My Green Folder film project. You can read and watch Richard and Chris's 2015 Pulitzer Prize-nominated story, my pitch to Tim Daly, President of the Creative Coalition, and submit your testimonial to support our film project.

This is my last "ACT" of caregiving for my partner Richard! 

The Whole Care Network is thrilled to collaborate with Coming Home Well, an all-volunteer non-profit organization whose mission is to educate, support, and advocate for veterans and their caregivers.
Coming Home Well not only supports our Veterans and their caregivers but extends their resources and assistance to our home frontline first responders who serve, protect, and give selflessly every day. We see and care about you: you matter to us.
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  • Resources for Veterans and First Responders 



Welcome to "The Light Bulb," The Whole Care Network blog, your go-to destination for a wealth of information and knowledge that shines a light on leaders in various caregiving industries.

At The Whole Care Network, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive care and support to those in need, whether for aging parents, individuals with special needs, or anyone requiring assistance in their daily lives.

"The Bulb" spotlights valuable resources for caregivers, families, and individuals seeking insights, advice, and expertise from experts across the caregiving spectrum. We are committed to sharing meaningful content that addresses the diverse challenges and concerns caregivers face and those they care for.

From articles on best practices in senior care and discussions on mental health and wellness to insights into navigating the world of disability services and beyond, our blog covers various topics relevant to the caregiving community. Our mission is to empower and inform, ensuring that caregivers and those needing care can access the latest information and resources to enhance their caregiving journey.

Whether you're a seasoned caregiver, a family member, or simply interested in learning more about the world of caregiving, The Whole Care Network blog has something for everyone. Thank you for joining us on this vital journey of care and compassion.

To explore our ever-growing repository of informative articles and expert advice, please visit "The Bulb." 

The Whole Care Network is where organizations and leaders in the care economy come to scale their work, build collaborations, and realize their potential.
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Successful Caregiving Takes More Than One Person...So We Built a Village!

Expert support for what you need when you need it! 

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The Whole Care Network has joined forces with Credit for Caring to bring care products to caregivers at low prices, and deliverd to your door!
Monica Stynchula, the CEO of REUNIONCare, has dedicated her life to supporting caregivers, and her latest initiative is designed to make your caregiving life easier.
Credit for Caring allows caregivers to buy Medline Industries durable medical goods and supplies at affordable prices, delivered right to your door.
Shop products for caregiving, long-term care, aging in place, hospital at home, and much more here!
*Credit For Caring is an affiliate of the Whole Care Network and Whole Care Network University.  The Whole Care Network may receive a commission when purchasing any items via the links provided in this post. 

Welcome to shopping on The Whole Care Network...Your caregiving journey just got a whole lot easier.

Here, you'll discover a diverse array of products and services designed to cater to your unique needs and caregiving requirements. In addition to our consultations and strategic solutions, our shop offers a carefully curated selection of items and resources that can enhance the quality of care for your loved ones. Explore our offerings and find valuable tools, products, and resources that can make your caregiving journey more manageable and fulfilling.

Visit our shop and experience the convenience of accessing essential caregiving products and services all in one place.

Our Mission

Mission 1: Family Caregivers

We believe in the healing power of storytelling. The best information and referral comes from authentic care stories.

Our content creators are leaders in their field of expertise and provide quality educational content for all types of care challenges. We've got the knowledge you need when you need it!

We are here to help you find balance through stories you can identify with, resources you can count on, and referrals you can trust, all centered around our 4 Pillars of Care.

Mission 2: The Care Economy
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