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Our Four Pillars of Care

On The Whole Care Network, our Podcasts, Blogs and Videos will provide you with the Validation you need, the Resources you seek, and the Respite care you want to help you balance your Four Pillars of Care.



 Helping You Balance Your Self Care


Helping You Balance Your Caregiving Day


Helping You Balance Your Finances


Find Comfort In Our Stories

The Stories We Share


At The Whole Care Network, we believe it is through story sharing where diversity meets the road which allows a community to collaborate on a common cause.

On The Whole Care Network, we believe the best information and referrals comes from the stories we share and the people we meet.

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Debi Robinson

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Steven A. Bailey

The Goal We Have

We Are Creating a Global Network of Care

The goal of The Whole Care Network is to bring accurate, up-to-date information and referrals to caregivers around the globe by sharing our stories and resources through podcasts, blogs, videos and much more.

At The Whole Care Network we believe Caregiving is indiscriminate and is the one social and economic issue that binds people together from diverse backgrounds through the stories we share, the resources we seek and the respite care we need.

By collaborating on a global social issue, we collectively take ownership which makes our families, our communities, and our businesses stronger for ourselves and for future generations.

Beau Ties things together on the Whole Care Network

Meet Beau

Your lovable guide and companion throughout the Whole Care Network. Finding the right information, resources and content just got a lot more fun!


You will find a variety of contributors on The Whole Care Network who have a story to share, and a willingness to impact issues in and around the four pillars of care.

Our contributors are just like you, caregivers trying to find balance in their lives.

Many of our podcast hosts are new to broadcasting because they have a willingness to share their stories.

Our unique feature on the Whole Care Network is the ability to search content via our four pillars of care so you can find the three most important components every caregiver needs to find balance in their life:

  • Validation
  • Resouces
  • Respite

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We are new and we are growing. For more information on how you can become part of The Whole Care Network, please contact us using the form below. Thank you!


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