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The (NEW) Whole Care Network 

Where The Care Economy Collaborates!

We are a network of leaders in care dedicated to solving care challenges by working together.

We're building an ecosystem for care, where leaders are dedicated to sharing their expertise and stories to families, while also providing thought leadership on big care issues.

Our mission is to improve care and aging everywhere.


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We believe in the healing power of storytelling. The best information and referral comes from the authentic care stories we share.

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Our collaborators connect with like-minded leaders in deep learning and development of solutions for big care issues.

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Speakers Bureau

We send care leaders to speak where care topics should be discussed.

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Content Creation

We deliver quality education to family caregivers to help them face care challenges and to connect them with others experiencing care.  

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We help leaders share their care story in writing and get it to the families that need to read it.

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"It's Through Story Sharing That Diversity and Collaboration Collide."

Christopher MacLellan, Founder, Whole Care Network

We Are Creating a Global Network of Care!

Organizations in the care economy come here to scale their work, build collaborations, and realize their potential.


Families come here to find accurate and up-to-date information through shared stories, education, resources, and much more.


Care is a social and economic issue that binds people from diverse backgrounds. We are taking collective ownership for making our businesses, communities, and families stronger.

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