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Jane Barton’s “Prepare To Care!” Podcast Series!

As an educator and lifelong student, Jane Barton’s Prepare To Care podcast series will showcase Jane’s soothing style while providing beneficial resources, timely stories, and ideas for every listener, which will help you Prepare To Care.

Watch this page for updates as Jane Barton’s Prepare to Care 6-podcast series unfolds. You won’t want to miss a single episode!

Episode 1: Called to Care

Caregiving is a universal concern, and in some form or fashion, we are all called to care. Each one of us will serve as caregivers numerous times in the course of a lifetime. And just as important, each one of us will need care at some point. But are we prepared to care? On this episode of Prepare to Care, author, speaker, and active listener, Jane Barton soothing style is the perfect motivation for us to accept the call in order to Prepare To Care.

Episode 2: Change Is The Norm

Most people are not fond of change. Instead, we love our routines; we gravitate toward certainty. We are comforted by what is know. Perhaps that is one reason why the journey of caregiving is so daunting. Change is a constant companion resulting in change fatigue for many caregivers. In this episode of Prepare to Care, author, speaker, and active listener, Jane Barton uses the metaphor of a bridge to helps us understand the process of change and transition, in order to help Prepare To Care.

Episode 3: Resistance to Assistance

For most people rooted in Western culture, it is difficult to ask for and receive help from others. However, the reality is that we will all need help due to the challenges posed by aging and/or illness. So, how are we to overcome our resistance to assistance? In this episode of Prepare to Care, Jane Barton uses the metaphor of geese flying in formation in order to provide us with the essential ingredients for collaborative care.

Episode 4: The Blessings of Hospice and Palliative Care

Contrary to popular belief, hospice is not a four-letter word nor is hospice something to be feared. Hospice is a philosophy and model of health care designed to serve persons in compassionate, life-giving ways. So why does the word cause so much angst? More often than not, our reactions are rotted in lack of knowledge, fear of death, denial and avoidance. In this episode of Prepare To Care, Jane Barton takes us through the first steps to overcome our fears of hospice so that we can Prepare To Care.

Episode 5: What Do We Have to Lose?

When chatting about grief and loss, most people assume the topic of discussion is the ultimate loss – death. However, we experience a myriad of losses through the journey of caregiving: good health, independence, freedom, financial security, lifestyle, relationships, employment, innocence, youth, faith and hope. With each loss, we experience a natural, emotional response. In this episode of Prepare To Care, Jane Barton talks about the importance to recognize each loss and how ignoring grief can delay the healing process.

Episode 6: Life After Caregiving

At the end of a lengthy and arduous journey of caregiving, many caregivers are emotionally, physically, and spiritually exhausted. And sadly, many are also financially spent. Just as we are wise to prepare to care, we must also consider what is to be done at the end of the journey. How do we regain our own sense of health and well-being and learn how to care for ourselves once again. In our final episode of Prepare To Care, Jane Barton reminds us of the importance of self-care as caregiving ends by shares her beautiful Caregivers Benediction with us.

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