Comfort in Their Journey


Trish Laub


Comfort in their Journey®, founded by Trish Laub, offers practical guidance for families and caregivers who are taking the Alzheimer’s journey with a loved one or patient, and information applicable to individuals with any serious medical condition on how to ensure dignified care through the end of life.

Trish’s work is based on the award-winning Comfort in their Journey® book series that consists of A Most Meaningful Life, my dad and Alzheimer’s: a guide to living with dementia; Peaceful Endings, guiding the walk to the end of life and beyond: steps to take before and after; and Through the Rabbit Hole, navigating the maze of providing care – a quick guide to care options and decisions. Through the Rabbit Hole and Peaceful Endings guide readers to provide dignified care through the end of life regardless of diagnosis. A Most Meaningful Life is specific to dementia and layers on top of the information in the other two books, identifying dementia specific considerations and tips. The book series was carefully designed as reference books filled with concise, easily accessible and actionable information. They are now the basis of articles, speaking engagements, presentations, workshops and consulting services offered by Comfort in their Journey®.

Trish is the host of the bi-monthly live radio show, A Cup of Comfort™, during which she and her guests discuss CareHero™ topics that nobody wants to talk about, sometimes uncomfortable topics ranging from specific care needs to the details of the end of life. Most recently a website membership option was created to allow for searchable access to the text of all three books, published articles, and blogs, as well as discounts on book orders and other services. Comfort in their Journey® is the result of Trish’s many years of managing the care of, and providing hands-on care for, loved ones, both family and friends, and guiding many others on their care journey.


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