Custom Media Kits, Podcast Art, and More By Colleen Kavanaugh 

Colleen Kavanaugh

Life is more fun in sequin pants.

For over 30 years, Colleen is a multi-talented creative freelancer who loves to turn up the volume for her clients through designing brands, marketing materials, and other content.

As a designer, national speaker, and author, creating content for presentations is Colleen's favorite form of communication.

Stand out from the crowd!

Enhance your podcast or brand with custom-designed show art. Specifically designed to compliment your current branding, and look great on smartphones and internet browsers.

It's the artwork that will make listeners find your show before they decide whether to listen!

Colleen Media Kit

What people say about Colleen.

"Colleen's eye and attention to detail have created branded content for my business that receives constant compliments from my clients."

- Abigail R., client 

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