The Caregiving Lawyer


About Amanda Singleton, “The Caregiver Lawyer”

By caregiving for her mother through cancer at the age of thirty, Amanda resolved to open a law firm that would serve caregivers and to become the type of attorney she could have used at that time. She strives to help her clients plan to care and be cared for as part of their life care and estate plan.

When clients are already family caregivers, it is her mission to efficiently and quickly connect them with resources that meet their unique needs. Amanda’s goal is to help caregivers be proactive, rather than reactive, and to ensure they feel supported every step of the way.



Candid Conversations About Care Featuring Amanda Singleton 

Through a series of conversations with Amanda Singleton, The Caregiver Lawyer, this podcast series tackles some of the most difficult challenges caregivers face today.  With several subject matter experts, Candid Conversations About Care speaks openly about caregivers' financial and legal struggles, and how to plan for and manage them in your own family.

Disclaimer: Conversations in this podcast series are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be legal advice.  Always consult with your attorney regarding your legal matters.

Episode 1: A Caregivers Story

Even though we cannot control life’s circumstances, planning and providing support can help provide security and peace, even during times of uncertainty. In this episode of Candid Conversations About Care, Amanda Singleton shares her story about how her Mom’s cancer diagnosis lead her to the role of an advocate as the Caregiver Lawyer. (Conversations in this podcast are not intended to be legal advice.)

Episode 2: Essential Legal Documents For Caregivers

What happens when a medical crisis strikes? Confusion, uncertainty, fear? While we can’t anticipate the unexpected, we can put a plan in place to help when a medical crisis arises. In this episode of Candid Conversations About Care, The Caregiver Lawyer, Amanda Singleton discusses the important legal documents every caregiver needs to help guide us through a medical crisis. ( Information provided in this podcast is not intended for legal advice.)

Episode 3: Caregiver Debt

Not many of us have the financial security to withstand an unexpected medical event or long-term caregiving. On average, caregivers spend five to ten thousand dollars per year, out-of-pocket, to help their care partners. This can lead to insecurity and significant debt. Consumer debt and Bankruptcy attorney, Ryan Singleton, join Amanda Singleton on this episode of Candid Conversations About Care to talk about your options for managing finances in times of crisis. (Conversation on this podcast is not intended for Legal advice)

Episode 4: Long Term Care Planning

70% of people age 65 and older will need Long Term Care at some point in their life. The estimated cost of home health aide is $46K, Adult day care services, $18K, Assisted Living $45K, Skilled Nursing $92K! Amanda Singleton, The Caregiving Lawyer, has a Candid Conversation About Care with the family caregiver and Certified Financial Planner Christina Pinto about the importance of creating a plan now for Long Term Care Assistance. (Conversation on this podcast is not intended for Legal advice)

Episode 5: Navigating The Medical Maze

While in the midst of caregiving Navigating Health Care can have its challenges. Interacting with multiple physicians on the health care team while ensuring optimal care is problematic when health care systems to communicate effectively. Candid Conversations About Care include conversations with your physician. Amanda Singleton, The Caregiver Lawyer, visits Dr. Osman Ahmed, Medical Director at WellMed on the challenges of the health care system supporting caregivers. (Conversations in this podcast are not intended for legal advice and are for information only)

Episode 6: Everyone Needs and Advocate

On our 6th episode of Candid Conversation About Amanda Singleton, The Caregiver Lawyer, discusses one of the most important roles of caregiving; Advocacy. Advocacy comes from knowing exactly the needs and desires of the person who is entrusted in your care. Knowledge now, helps avoid turmoil later. It is important to know that advocacy does not end, when caregiving ends. Listen in and learn how Amanda Singleton continues to advocate while creating Healing Ties all around us! (Conversations in this podcast are not intended for legal advice and are for information only)