Whole Care Network Masterminds

Join together with like-minded leaders in the care economy to tackle tough care issues.

Kimberly Whiter, PhD

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Kimberly Whiter, NEW Whole Care Network CoFounder

What's a Mastermind?

A curated group of around 5-10 people that meet regularly to collaborate, cooperate, brainstorm to solve a problem, form a plan, or create a solution.


Objectives of Whole Care Network Masterminds:

  • diminish the number of care economy leaders working in isolation.
  • promote creative, collaborative business practices that aim to solve tough care challenges.
  • empower care economy leaders to function at the peak of their capacity.
  • support the dissemination of plans or solutions that come from each mastermind group to the entire care economy.
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Open Masterminds

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Advocacy in the Care Economy

Are you interested in influencing decisions within political, economic, and social institutions? This Mastermind will teach you activities to start advocating for policy change. All advocacy work requires facts and media to craft an impactful message, as well as channels to the right people.

Join this Mastermind to get involved in advocacy work for better care policies and work with like-minded care economy leaders to develop plans and solutions for more effective advocacy efforts for care.

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Employee Benefits and The Care Economy

We all feel supporting working family caregivers is an important issue. Many care economy leaders are working hard to break into the employee benefits space as an effective B2B option. The market is tough.

Join this Mastermind to explore the employee benefits market and consider more deeply how your work fits into the space. Work with like-minded leaders to develop more effective pitches, value propositions, and creative benefit strategies to attract HR leaders.

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Effective Marketing in the Care Economy

Facilitator: Sue Ryan

A major conversation within the care economy is effective marketing. We are all doing incredible work. Yet, the hardest task we have is getting our work into the hands of the people we have created it for.

Join this Mastermind to dive deep into strategies for more effective B2C and B2B marketing, better marketing language, and affiliate/partnership models that make marketing more collaborative.

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