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Debi Robinson


Debi Robinson is a Certified Yoga Therapist C-IAYT and Health Coach FDN-P.

Debi's shows you how to counter the functional loss we experience as we age and especially bone density loss in Osteoporosis with nutrition, movement, breath, mindset and healthy lifestyle habits so you can live a happy healthy life.

At 51, Debi had a total hip replacement and understands what it feels like to be handicapped, scared and sad and what it takes to rebuild up your strength and balance in your body and mind. She has become a bone health expert on a mission to raise awareness on how important it is to keep our bones and joints strong, mobile and working!

She teaches weekly for Torrance Memorial Medical Center on Zoom, Live classes on Youtube live, has ongoing courses, programs and webinars for Bone Health and Aging Gracefully. She also takes groups on Wellness Inspired Journeys to Scotland and Bali. Visit her at


Debi Robinson shares the wisdom of yoga and science to help inspire you to utilize the tremendous healing potential that exists within each and every one of us. She will empower you to implement healthy behaviors, routines, and rituals into your daily life to improve your overall wellbeing. Her website is full of information for you to learn how to care for yourself and those you love.

Self-care is a daily act of self-love and respect for yourself. This may be a foreign concept to many, and we don’t always recognize ourselves as needing care. When we focus on caring for our self physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually we can show up with strength and compassion to care for another human being.

Debi finds herself in the sandwich generation with many roles as a mom of three young adult children and the daughter of aging parents who are in need of care. Yoga helps her stay strong in her body and especially her mind to show up in all the duties as she cares for her family.

According to the latest study by the AARP the stress and strain of caregiving in our country is rising as the number of those in the role of caregiving rises to 1 in 5 adults with 1 in 4 reporting that caregiving has made their health worse and 1 in 5 reporting high physical strain as a result of their caregiving duties. Selfcare is imperative when you find yourself in the role of caregiver and it is necessary for us to make sure we are replenishing our own needs and not just giving all the time.

Debi will share wisdom and resources to help you create your own tool kit of self-care calming and soothing practices to help keep you balanced and healthy during your role as a caregiver.

Tools for the 4 Pillars of caregiving:


  • Tools to help yourself and those you care for maintaining the strength, range of motion, and flexibility in your body to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
  • Practices to do with those you are caring for to help them find balance and comfort in their body
  • Gentle movement to relieve muscular tension and help manage pain


  • Stress management skills to help balance your mind
  • Workshops and online events with others who are also in a caregiving role
  • Wellness Inspired retreats and journeys


  • Meditation, breathwork, and mindfulness to calm your mind
  • Stress management skills to help handle the stress of life moment by moment
  • Pressure valve release techniques to help metabolize the body’s reaction to stress


  • We are spiritual beings having a human experience
  • I share wisdom to help you find your center moment by moment
  • Mindset work to help you create resiliency to whatever life puts on your path

Debi is a Certified Yoga Therapist C-IAYT and a Certified Health Coach FDN-P based in Los Angeles, CA, and offers live weekly classes on YouTube Live, hosts workshops and webinars, and extended study courses on Self-Care, Stress Management and Bone Health. She has online programs and takes groups on International Yoga Inspired Wellness Journeys to Scotland and Bali.