Time to Care: The Caregiver Podcast Featuring Isabel Melgarejo

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Isabel Melgarejo - The Tidy Coach

In 2019 I moved to Fort Worth, leaving behind family, friends, and a business. After having a very active lifestyle, this change was really hard for me. I lived in constant frustration until I decided to organize my whole home.

Soon after I finished, I started helping my mom with her own home. She wanted to let go of things that had been there for a long time and had no purpose in her life. Also, she had a very hard time dealing with her mom’s belongings when she passed, and she wanted to leave everything to avoid her kids having conflict or managing the whole enchilada.

Soon I was helping other family members, and eventually, I was asked to manage my last uncle’s home. This was when my background in project management kicked in and I decided to create a program that would help families avoid conflict, consider the opinions of everyone involved and manage an estate guilt-free.

Before I knew it, I had a business going on and clients signing up to get some help with their aging parents or with a lost loved one.

It all starts with Mom asking for help in running a couple of errands, we gladly accept because we know we can make her happy, and we are running errands for ourselves anyways. Soon, those few errands become more frequent. One day, mom falls and hurts herself, you run to her home to take her to the hospital, fortunately, she didn’t hurt herself badly, but the doctor says she can't live by herself anymore. Overwhelm is all you can feel.

You can expect to take care of her for the next 5 years; the question is, who will take care of you?

If you’re a caregiver, this podcast is for you. Here you will find resources to take care of yourself because I’m on a mission of making sure the caregiver feels her best to provide the best care her parents need and deserve! You are a queen, and you deserve to feel like so!

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