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Meet Kelly Johnson and Deb Kelsey-Davis

Deb Kelsey-Davis, as a nurse, has cared for many people. Now, she cares for her aging parents, one of her life's most essential and challenging roles.

Deb is a clinician and healthcare leader. She serves on the board of directors for the National Association of Catholic Nurses (NACN-USA) and the Illinois Catholic Health Association (ICHA). Her Lay Ministry Certification (Archdiocese of Chicago) provides 20+ years of ministry experience.

Kelly Johnson entered into her caregiving journey when life abruptly changed with a cancer diagnosis...her then-five-year-old son had a brain tumor.

Kelly is an author and active member of the National Association of Catholic Family Ministry and the National Conference of Catechetical Leadership. She obtained her Lay Leadership certification through the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Diocese of Joliet’s Lay Leadership Institute.


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The of Nourish For Caregivers is to Support & Empower Caregivers Through The Gift of Faith. Learn about the Ministry at Nourish For Caregivers and how you can get involved!

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Our Mission

Mission 1: Family Caregivers

We believe in the healing power of storytelling. The best information and referral comes from authentic care stories.

Our content creators are leaders in their field of expertise and provide quality educational content for all types of care challenges. We've got the knowledge you need when you need it!

We are here to help you find balance through stories you can identify with, resources you can count on, and referrals you can trust, all centered around our 4 Pillars of Care.

Mission 2: The Care Economy


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