Kahn HealthCare Consulting, LLC


Melissa Kahn


Kahn HealthCare Consulting, LLC. is a multitiered organization with a focus on developing preventive care strategies for older adults and their loved ones and helping organizations develop programs and services in the arena of aging, Alzheimer's disease and health care workforce development.

Personal Health Care Passport - is a practical tool to help older adults and caregivers better manage important care practices across the continuum, enhance communication and feel empowered to make important decisions.

SPACE AND GRACE Mindful Session - As we all continue to navigate the changing pandemic landscape and re-calibrate our efforts, we want to acknowledge and shed light on the challenges paid and family caregivers have faced this last year. In an effort to lift, validate and honor this care community with intentional support, we are not offering mindful session called "Space and Grace" to caregiver organizations and in the future, to a family caregiver. We know the challenges, stressors and losses have been tremendous. We believe it is essential to listen with intent, to acknowledge the experiences, validate the range of emotions and provide caregivers a neutral space to land. Through professional guidance, we provide a SPACE for care professionals to come together and have the GRACE to be heard.