Bluetiful Leaders Featuring Allison Lazicky

Allison Elkow Lazciky

Allison Lazciky


Everyone has the potential to be a “Kindness Leader.” Everyone has the potential to leave footprints on their heart or the heart of another. It is simply choosing to do a kind act to make a challenge or loss into something “bluetiful.”

Why do I use the word “bluetiful” in lieu of “beautiful”? Well, I guess you could say it was divine intervention that the day I decided to start a kindness podcast, Crayola announced the winning entry in their contest to name their new blue crayon. Bluetiful was the winner amongst 5 entries. Immediately drawn to the name, it was decided it would be one of the name options for the podcast.

Welcome to Bluetiful…Celebrating Kindness Leaders podcast. On this podcast, you will hear fantastic uplifting stories of people who have either personally gone through a challenge or tragedy or helped someone else who has, and turned the “blue” into something “bluetiful.”

The Kindness Leaders I have chosen are diverse. The stories they tell are all very different. Some have lost children. Some have lost their parents. Some have had severe health issues. Some are advocating for someone else. Some have had life-changing accidents. Some do it at their job every day. The similarity is that no matter what their stories are, they have made something “blue” into something “bluetiful.”

I hope you enjoy the show!