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Lisa Kendall

Passionate about harnessing innate wisdom and creativity to cultivate well-being for every member of the care partner team.

Lisa A. Kendall, CSW-G

I believe in the strength, grace, and power of growing older, and of the gifts that being a care partner can bring to our lives. As an experienced and passionate social worker and gerontologist, I transform how we think about aging and Elder care, trauma, and grief by harnessing the wisdom, intuition, and creative spirit of adults, Elders, and organizations. Together we cultivate growth across the lifespan and nurture well-being for every member of the care partner team.


Lisa has worked in the aging and Elder care field for almost four decades, where she pioneered caregiver support, stress management, and care partner education for home and community-based services as well as nursing homes, corporate, and educational settings. After working as Senior Consultant for Work & Family Services at Cornell University, Lisa served as an Elder care expert on the Cornell President’s Advisory Council for Work and Family Affairs for several years.

Lisa owned an award-winning psychotherapy and consulting business in Ithaca, NY, (where she specialized in clinical gerontology, health issues, trauma healing, and bereavement), and now continues her work as a strong advocate for person-directed care. Lisa is an Educator and Mentor for The Eden Alternative™ and speaks regionally, nationally, and internationally on caregiver issues and the impact of trauma across the lifespan.

As a trained facilitator for SoulCollage® and Circlework™, Lisa nurtures growth and well-being for care partners using participants’ creativity and intuition.

Whether you are an organization that serves Elders and their care partners, work as a helping and healing professional, care for a family member or friend, or simply seek a better balance in your own life, Lisa Kendall Consulting offers strategies and tools that draw on the inner wisdom, compassion, and creativity of your leadership team, people as they age, and every member of the care partner team.

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