WCN 4-Pillars of Care

Caregiving is often an unplanned event.  It can be an untimely diagnosis or an unfortunate accident and suddenly, you become a caregiver.  Caregiving also happens slowly over time.

When you become a caregiver, you find yourself in a role that can throw you off balance in all aspects of your life.  We describe those aspects of your caregiving life in our Whole Care Network 4 Pillars of Care: Physical, Social, Financial, and Spiritual health.

Much like a chair needs 4 even legs to stay balanced, caregivers and their loved ones need to ensure all 4 Pillars of Care are balanced in order to thrive and survive in your role as a caregiver.

On the Whole Care Network, we are all about helping you find that balance in life through stories you can identify with, resources you can count on and referrals you can trust.

Physical Pillar

The Physical Pillar is often most prominent because it is usually a physical ailment of a loved one that results in you becoming a caregiver. Unfortunately, the focus on addressing the physical needs of your loved ones causes you to ignore your own physical needs, limiting your ability to manage your stress and provide optimal care.

Our Physical Pillar will provide you with an array of insights from a variety of caregivers and experts in the field to help keep you and your loved one as physically fit as possible.

Social Pillar

All too often, and unnecessarily, caregiving is a lonely undertaking for you and your loved one. Over time and all too often, caregiving breeds isolation. Loss of social outlets and limited interactions with family and friends are common which can lead to depression and despair.

Our Social Pillar will provide you with the tools to help you stay connected to your hobbies, your friends, and family and how to create a care team to help alleviate some of the caregiving burden and maintain those vital social ties.

Financial Pillar

Financial stress is overwhelming and can impact your overall well-being. Assessing the long-term financial impact of caregiving is critical.

Reduction or loss of income and increased healthcare costs often go hand-in-hand with caregiving. Ideally, financial plans were made by your loved one in anticipation of a need for long-term care, however, that is not the norm.

Our Financial Pillar is filled with real-life stories and expert advice to help you put a plan in place that will keep your financial pillar level and strong.

Spiritual Pillar

On the Whole Care Network, we understand spirituality can have different meanings for everyone. And we respect and embrace all spirituality.

Our spiritual pillar is focused on the entire person, rather a holistic point of view of all the aspects of you that are revealed in your role as a caregiver.

Through this journey, you learn the art of self-compassion and the importance of self-care which is job number one for all caregivers.

Our Spiritual Pillar will demonstrate the healing power of storytelling and how sharing one's story can bring inner peace and comfort to both the storyteller and the story receiver.