The Whole Care Network Four Pillars of Care

Resources to Help You Balance Your Physical, Social, Financial, and Spiritual Health.

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Much like a table needs 4 even legs to stay balanced, family caregivers and their loved ones need balance to thrive. It's easy to be thrown off balance when you are a caregiver. 

The Whole Care Network is here to help you find balance through stories you can identify with, resources you can count on, and referrals you can trust all centered around our 4 Pillars of Care. 

The Four Pillars of Care

Physical Health

It is easy to ignore your physical needs when caring for someone. However, this will limit your ability to manage stress and provide optimal care.


Our Physical Pillar provides you with an array of insights from experienced family caregivers and care experts that help keep you as physically fit as possible.

Social Health

Caregiving can be a lonely undertaking for you and your loved one. The loss of interaction with others can lead to depression and despair.


Our Social Pillar provides you with the tools you need to stay connected to your hobbies, friends, and family. We also teach you how to create a care team to alleviate caregiving burden.

Financial Health

Financial stress during caregiving is overwhelming. Assessing the long-term financial impact of caregiving is critical to ensure you reduce the risks of inability to cover care costs, loss of income, and depletion of financial safety nets.


Our Financial Pillar provides expert advice to help you build a strong and steady financial plan for caregiving.

Spiritual Health

We understand spirituality has a different meaning for everyone. We respect and embrace all interpretations of spirituality and aim to promote inner peace and comfort to family caregivers through a focus on self-compassion.


Our Spiritual Pillar provides whole-person perspectives to help you navigate a care journey filled with self-compassion. We use the healing power of storytelling to comfort both storytellers and listeners.

Explore each Pillar of Care to find resources and content across The Whole Care Network tailored to meet the specific ways you need to re-balance.

Content provided on the Whole Care Network is for information purposes only. Views and opinions of our contributors are solely theirs and their guests' and may not reflect the views or opinions of the Whole Care Network. Always check with your physician for medical and exercise advice, your attorney for legal advice, and your financial planner for financial advice. 

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