Advertising with The Whole Care Network

The Whole Care Network™ brings together a valuable collection of resources for caregivers. It provides education, support, and critical information.

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Who You Are

We welcome a wide range of advertisers to extend their brands with us. We focus on companies offering products and services related to our core focus of

  • caregiving,
  • personal care, and
  • health-related topics.

Ad Sizes and Placement

  • Ad Group 1: Homepage banner: Full width (1920px x 350px)
  • Ad Group 2: Sponsor a Podcast Host:  Full width (1920px x 350px)
  • Ad Group 3: Above Footer Full width (1920px x 350px) Entire Site.
  • Ad Group 4: 1/2 width ad (960px x 350px)
  • Ad Group 5: 1/3 width ad (640px x 350px)
  • Ad Group 6: Sponsor a Pillar: Half-page placement on the pillar page for 1 month. Includes a featured sponsor placement on the homepage and more.

Digital ad files to be provided by advertiser in either PNG or JPG format with high resolution preferred.

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Ad Visibility

Ads are displayed in Ad Groups. Advertising in Ad Groups is available in two categories:

  1. Exclusive. The only ad displayed in that Ad Group. Your ad will display every time the page is visited or when the page is refreshed. This is your advertising real estate for the length of the ad contract.
  2. Rotation.  Each Ad Group can have any number of ads in a library, showing a different ad at random each time the page is visited or when the page is refreshed. These are more cost-effective ad choices since you are sharing that Ad Group’s position with other advertisers.

Ad Campaign Duration

Advertising on The Whole Care Network is offered on a one-month minimum campaign basis. Advertisers purchasing ad in Rotation (see above) will know how many other advertisers are in the library for each month of the campaign.

Pricing will be adjusted monthly based on the number of ads running in any Ad Group. The higher number of advertisers, the smaller slice of the cost for that Ad Group position.

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