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"We're here to provide information and education so people can make informed choices about end-of-life care."

Helen Bauer, Host, The Heart of Hospice Podcast 

Meet Helen Bauer, BSN RN CHPN

Helen Bauer has been a nurse for over 30 years, specializing in hospice and end of life care since 2009. She's a Certified Hospice and Palliative Registered Nurse with experience in patient care, nursing management, quality and compliance. 

Her passion for advocacy at end of life can be heard on the podcast talking about hospice philosophy, how to get the most from your hospice experience, and advance care planning. 

Over the years, Helen's helped hundreds of families navigate their hospice journeys by providing support, education, and encouragement.

 Helen Bauer, BSN RN CHPN
Host of The Heart of Hospice Podcast

Helen is a WCN-Fluencer!


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THOH Podcast Logo Redesign Aug. 2023 (Podcast)


The Heart of Hospice podcast is dedicated to helping personal and professional caregivers care for someone with a serious illness.


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"No Matter Who You Are Or Where You Are In Your Hospice Journey, You Are The Heart of Hospice."

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