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CaringBridge is your free online tool for sharing health updates. It is an easy and ad-free way to communicate health news to family and friends—all in one place.

Your CaringBridge Journal helps you keep everyone posted on your, or your loved one's, progress while allowing family and friends to react to and leave comments on your entries. The CaringBridge Planner is a tool to easily ask your community to help with some of your tasks and share the responsibility. You can easily share "Ways to Help" that include specific tasks, contribute to a GoFundMe, join a Meal Train, and more!

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Caring for another person is stressful. But there are ways to navigate through stress that can help avoid caregiver burnout. 14 Life-Changing Tips to Relieve Caregiver Stress will teach you:

  • the symptoms and root causes of caregiver stress
  • how to relieve tension
  • resources that can help caregivers navigate through stress
  • And much, much more…
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