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Welcome to the Body Aware Living podcast with host Margo Rose author of: Body Aware Grieving, A Fitness Trainer's Guide to Caring for Your Health During Sad Times. Margo has specialized in Functional Fitness and Senior Wellness for over 20 years.

Margo Rose has blended functional fitness and body-aware grieving into a new system of self-care called Body Aware Living. Margo was a family caregiver while each of her own parents died of cancer; her little sister Shelley struggled with depression before taking her own life, and she took care of her pets Bunny Mo and Bunny Jo.

Professionally, distraught adult family caregivers would hire Margo Rose as a fitness trainer to work with their ailing senior parents as they struggled to live alone. Margo Rose stayed with dozens of these families through the merry-go-round of independent living, emergency room visits, needing paid caregivers, the onset of dementia, moving to assisted care, end-of-life of the parent, and then healing, recovery, and renewal for surviving family members.
Margo Rose now helps her clients navigate these difficult times and often asks current caregivers the question, "Are you at least as important as the person you are caring for?" How can you tell when you are the one in need of help?" She hopes the Body Aware Living podcast brings inspiration and practical guidance to whoever needs it most.




Featuring Margo Rose

Margo Rose loves to enjoy fun, freedom and wisdom as the rewards for getting through hard times. She is usually playing with horses and other animals on ranches and farms, taking road trips, cooking delicious meals and making sure to watch sunrises, sunsets and the stars at night. Margo is excited to find creative and effective ways to share ideas about healing with friends and clients. She wants to cooperate with people and organizations who have similar goals.


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About The Body Aware Living Podcast

Welcome to the Body Aware Living podcast hosted by Margo Rose author of: Body Aware Grieving, A Fitness Trainer's Guide To Caring For Your Health During Sad Times. Margo interviews wise and kind guests from around the world who offer practical ways we can get through difficult challenges and celebrate our accomplishments.


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