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Connecting Generations Made Simple - Globally

Simplicity is the Cornerstone of Sociavi

Our Sociavi C2M (Connect To Me) Device allows families to connect with their Loved Ones Far, Near, Simply and Globally.

In these unprecedented and uncertain times, we are proud to give POM (Peace of Mind) to families and caregivers worldwide.

How simple is it?

No Login -Securely connect to your loved one on our private, closed network.

No Password - On our secure, closed network your loved one will only see you. Never an advertisement!

No Username - Each Sociavi C2M device is uniquely assigned to your loved one. No usernames to remember or required.

No Account Setup - We set up the Sociavi Primary Connector and they invite all approved family and friends to join.

That’s all!

Paula Muller from Sociavi is a WCN-Fluencer!

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Have Sociavi live face to face real time visits, send pictures, videos, reminders of events, doctor appointments, and medications.

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