Caregivers Finding A Foothold Podcast - Featuring Consuela Marshall, LOTR, CAPS

Caregivers Finding A Foothold

Consuela Marshall, LOTR, CAPS

Occupational Therapist (OT) with 27 years of experience providing care to individuals with disabilities and disorders or who have sustained injuries which negatively affect their level of independence with self-care, mobility, and ADL (Activities of Daily Living) tasks. I am a graduate of Louisiana State University Medical Center.

  • I have worked in Skilled Nursing Units.

  • I have worked in Inpatient Rehab Units.

  • I have worked in the home health setting.

Certified Fall Prevention Specialist

Louisiana Assisted Living Association (former board member)

The Caregiver's Finding A Foothold Podcast is the place where caregivers can receive insight to those questions and struggles they have related to assisting their loved ones with daily care tasks, because sometimes one small tip can significant reduce the load they carry. Caregivers are invited to call into the podcast, using the number provided on the website, (225-443-9447) and ask a caregiving question regarding a struggle that they may be facing. The question will be answered on an upcoming podcast. Caregivers receive tips and strategies that can assist them with providing care in a more efficient and safe manner. Caregiver guests are also featured to provide encouragement and support.

The podcast is hosted by Consuela Marshall is an occupational therapist and the founder of Finding A Foothold Caregiver Coaching and Consulting Service, providing group coaching to family caregivers and to companies in support of their caregiver employees. She has been an occupational therapist for over 25 years, working in an inpatient rehab unit, skilled nursing care unit and then predominantly in the home health setting greater than 20 years. She has entered hundreds of homes, seeing up close and personal the challenges that caregivers face when caring for their loved ones. She has provided therapy services in the home to those with injuries, debilitating diagnoses or who are advanced in age and has provided training to their caregivers who assist them.

"My endeavor is to provide guidance to any caregiver who is faced with challenges while caring for their loved one." Call and leave a message if you have a caregiving challenge that you would like for me to address. The call is FREE!

Consuela Marshall is a WCNFluencer!


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