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We ARE a Collaboration

The Whole Care Network is a robust network of individuals, teams, and organizations within the care economy. 

We bring personal care stories and reliable resources for those living with a care role. 

Our mission is twofold:

  • to contribute to Whole Care Network media (podcasts, books, videos, educational content, etc.) so authentic and trusted information reaches families facing tough care challenges, thus making care better.
  • to collaborate with one another so we maximize the breadth of valuable perspectives from our diverse group, which will ensure our work and organizations are better able to address tough care challenges.


Our Story

Christopher MacLellan started The Whole Care Network based on his experience as a working family caregiver and the passion he gained through advocacy and collaboration before, during, and after caregiving. While in the role of a family caregiver, Chris tapped into his 10 years of experience as the director of an information and referral service hotline.

He realized it was difficult to find trusted information and resources to sustain a healthy and productive lifestyle at home and work.

Thus, he created The Whole Care Network. For years, the heart of The Whole Care Network was bringing valuable information to family caregivers with shared stories through podcasting. The focus was easy-to-consume media for family caregivers everywhere, organized within 4 Pillars of Care.

View the video to hear in Chris' own words why he started the Whole Care Network!

Then, in 2022, a Wonderful Collaboration Formed and Launched The Whole Care Network Into Its New Form!

Christopher MacLellan,MA
Christopher MacLellan,MA
Kimberly Whiter, PhD
Kimberly Whiter, PhD
Emilia Bourland,  OTR, ECHM
Emilia Bourland, OTR, ECHM

Together, three passions combined to create something phenomenal: Chris' passion for disseminating authentic care stories, Kimberly's passion for collaboration among care leaders and supporting the growth of organizations within the care economy, and Emilia's passion for bringing quality education to families that need help with care tasks.

The Whole Care Network joined forces with The Care Colloquium, created by Kimberly Whiter, and Higher Standards Caregiver Training, created by Emilia Bourland, to become a robust network of care leaders working together to improve care everywhere.

The New Whole Care Network Does It All!

Authentic podcasting.

Creation of quality family caregiver education from knowledgeable and passionate content creators.

Masterminds where care economy leaders tackle tough care challenges and work on collaborative solutions.

Publishing of care stories and solutions through written content.

Dissemination of knowledge through care leaders speaking in important spaces.

Plus, business, marketing, & professional coaching for all members to ensure everyone reaches their potential within the care economy.

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