The Whole Care Network

All care. All the time.

The Whole Care Network is a robust network of individuals, teams, and organizations within the care economy. 

We bring personal care stories and reliable resources for those living with a care role. 


Our mission is twofold:

  • To make care better everywhere by creating media (podcasts, books, videos, courses, etc.) that shares authentic care stories and trusted information with families facing tough care challenges.
  • To solve tough care challenges through true collaboration among care leaders by maximizing the diversity in our perspectives, expertise, and talents.


Meet the Co-founders

Christopher MacLellan,MA

Christopher MacLellan, Founder and CEO

Christopher MacLellan started The Whole Care Network after his experience as family caregiver balancing care and career. With 10 years of experience as the director of an information and referral service hotline, he grew a passion for advocacy in caregiving. He saw firsthand the difficulty in finding trusted information and resources to sustain a healthy and productive lifestyle at home and work. For Chris, the focus of The Whole Care Network is bringing information to family caregivers through shared stories and easy-to-consume media organized within 4 Pillars of Care. 

Kimberly Whiter, PhD

Kimberly Whiter, Ed.D., Co-founder

Kimberly Whiter is Owner and CEO of Elder Care Solutions, and the creator of The Care Colloquium, the first of its kind, national thought leadership conference for leaders in the care economy. She created The Care Colloquium to bring together leaders, like herself, trying to make care better for families. Her vision was a space where leaders would built a true ecosystem around care, and in doing so build collaborations and provide thought leadership on solutions to tough care challenges.

With The Whole Care Network, she is carrying forward her promise to create a space for a care ecosystem made up of care economy leaders working together, not just at an annual event, but all year round. The Whole Care Network provides an avenue for care leaders to disseminate their care stories, share their expertise, and utilize their talents to make care better everywhere. 

Emilia Bourland,  OTR, ECHM

Emilia Bourland, OTR, ECHM., Co-founder

Emilia Bourland, OTR, ECHM is the president and founder of Higher Standards Caregiver Training. She has been an occupational therapist for over 10 years, working in adult settings ranging from home health to the ICU, and everywhere in between. Emilia has a passion for using her knowledge and skills to teach caregivers. She has taught masters-level occupational therapy students, nurses, caregivers, and patients since the start of her career. She's even provided modification recommendations and fall prevention consulting to help people and organizations operate safely and successfully. Emilia provides consulting services for new caregiving organization owners, fall prevention programs, and organizations specializing in medical/adaptive equipment use, safety, and design. 

Emilia brings to The Whole Care Network her passion to bring quality education to family caregivers via WCN University.


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