Christopher MacLellan, Founder and CEO


Everyone has a story, but not everyone has a chance to tell their story! That’s why on The Whole Care Network™, “You Talk and We Listen.”

At The Whole Care Network, we believe it is through story sharing where diversity meets the road which allows a community to impact a common cause.

The Whole Care Network™ is a robust collection of individuals who have personal stories to share. As a byproduct of this sharing, we tap into the breadth of valuable perspectives from a diverse group of show hosts and guests. They share their experiences and offer further support and guidance.

On The Whole Care Network™, we believe the best information and referrals comes from the stories we share.

At the heart of The Whole Care Network™ is the valuable information shared through podcasting. This is an easy-to-consume medium and part of a growing way in which news and information is disseminated. Podcasting is not only growing, but becoming more mainstream every day. One of the unique features of The Whole Care Network™ is that the majority of our show hosts are new to podcasting, providing a comforting tone for family caregivers worldwide.

Whole Care Network

Christopher MacLellan started The Whole Care Network™ based on his own experience as a working family caregiver and the passion that he gained through advocacy and collaboration before, during, and after caregiving has ended.

While in the role as a family caregiver, Chris realized that it was difficult to find trusted information and resources that caregivers require to sustain a healthy and productive lifestyle at home and at work. Most, if not all the trusted resources and referrals came directly from other family caregivers!

Equally problematic, Chris learned of the difficulty family caregivers experience with vendors and service providers. They don’t always market and communicate effectively to this unique group of consumers. Simply said, you must be a caregiver to understand the needs of a caregiver.

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