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Christopher MacLellan "The Bow Tie Guy"

Author of "What's The Deal With Caregiving?" and featured in a 2015 Pulitzer Prize-nominated caregiving story "In Sickness and Health; A Couple's Final Journey", Christopher MacLellan is affectionately known nation-wide as The Bow Tie Guy in the vast network of family caregivers. The Whole Care Network™ has been a dream of Chris for quite some time.  He started The Whole Care Network based on his own experience as a working family caregiver and the passion that he has gained through advocacy and collaboration before, during, and after caregiving ends. The Whole Care Network is being developed as a multi-media, multi-channel platform for Caregivers to locate and share trusted resources via our Four Pillars of Care.  This unique search feature allows our users to search content (podcasts, blogs, videos)  and resources by one our all four of our Pillars of Care.   On the Whole Care Network our Four Pillars of Care are:
  1. Physical Care
  2. Social Care
  3. Financial Care
  4. Spiritual/Holistic Care

While in the role as a family caregiver, Chris realized it was difficult to find trusted information and resources that caregivers require to sustain a healthy and productive lifestyle at home and at work. Most, if not all the trusted resources and referrals came directly from other family caregivers.

Equally problematic, Chris experienced the difficulty family caregivers encounter with vendors and service providers to adequately market to this unique group of consumers.  Simply said, you must be a caregiver, to understand the needs of a caregiver.

Fortified with immense personal understanding Christopher MacLellan believes caregivers need three things:

  1. Validation: YES, Caregiving is hard and it is okay to be frustrated.
  2. Respite: It is important to recharge and take time for yourself.
  3. Referrals: Trusted resources from caregivers to caregivers.

In Sickness and In Health: A Couples Final Journey

The story of Chris MacLellan and his partner, Richard Schiffer was chronicled in a 2015 Pulitzer Prize-nominated 3-part story “In Sickness and In Health: A Couple’s Final Journey” which told their journey of caregiving.  The story told of the challenges that LGBT partners have in dealing with the medical and legal system, but it also told of the love and joy that Richard’s last years had on their relationship.


  1. In Sickness and in Health: A Couple's Final Journey
  2. Life After Death: A Couples Story Sparks Change
  3. Saying Goodbye: Navigating the Change of Moving On

It is through story sharing where diversity meets the road to collaborate on a common cause and Chris' common cause is to support caregivers, before, during, and after caregiving ends.


Book: What’s the Deal with Caregiving?

Out of Chris' personal Caregiving experience, Chris has written a powerful and compelling book, that informs caregivers about how to deal with the challenges they will encounter, regardless of sexual orientation, family situation, or age.

Read the reviews and purchase the book on AMAZON.

Caregiving, Stress and its Impact in the Work Place

Chris’ Master’s Degree thesis entitled, “Spiral of Silence: Caregiving, Stress and its Impact in the Workplace” was accepted by the faculty at Gonzaga University, where Chris earned a Master’s degree in Leadership and Communication in 2016. Chris presents frequently on topics that impact family caregivers and their loved ones.

With an educational and professional background in Social Work and Theology and as a former family caregiver,  Chris now views the issues family caregivers and their employers face through the lens of Leadership and Communication.

Chris’ passion centers around advocacy, sharing stories, and connecting people to trusted resources. Chris is a proponent of a holistic approach to good health and spirituality.   Down to earth and pragmatic, Chris works within a consensus-style framework, while building bridges instead of roadblocks.

Christopher MacLellan: Did you Know?

Professional Accomplishments

  • Founder of the Whole Care Network
  • Created the popular The Purple Jacket Blog about the journey of caregiving
  • Created Healing Ties Podcast featured on multiple podcast platforms and in the United Kingdom on UK Health Radio.
  • Creator of the popular "The Bow Tie Guy" brand
  • Published Author
  • Public Speaker

 Featured In


  • “What’s the Deal with Caregiving”
  • M.A. Thesis: Spiral of Silence: Caregiving, Stress and Its Impact in the Workplace”
  • CareGifters Book Series
  • American Society on Aging: “Two Relationships in One”

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  • Educator Broward County Elderly and Veterans Services