White Paper: Employee Benefits in the Care Economy

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Whitepaper: The Importance of Working Family Caregivers: Perspectives of Human Resource Leaders and Recommendations for Improved Support

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In March 2023, Care Leaders nationwide gathered monthly to foster workplace change.

"We all feel supporting working family caregivers is an important issue. Many care economy leaders are working hard to break into the employee benefits space as an effective B2B option. The market is tough."


Key highlights from the white paper include:

Insights from HR Leaders: The white paper features insights gleaned from a discussion panel comprising 10 Human Resource Leaders from a variety of industries and geographic regions across the United States. These HR leaders shared their perspectives on the unique challenges faced by employees managing caregiving responsibilities while navigating their careers.

Realities of Family Caregiving: The white paper delves into the current realities of family caregiving, shedding light on the day-to-day challenges faced by caregivers and the impact of caregiving responsibilities on their professional lives. It highlights the need for employers to recognize and support employees facing these challenges.

Impacts on Organizations: Perceived impacts of the care-career juggle on organizations are explored, including implications for employee productivity, morale, retention rates, and overall organizational culture. The white paper underscores the importance of creating a supportive work environment that acknowledges and addresses the needs of caregivers.

Best Practices in Employee Benefits and Policies: The white paper offers valuable suggestions for best practices in employee benefits and policies aimed at supporting employees in managing caregiving responsibilities. From flexible work arrangements to caregiver support programs, these recommendations provide actionable strategies for organizations to create a more inclusive and supportive workplace culture.

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