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Whole Care Network University

Whole Care Network University is our educational platform where Course Creators bring educational courses and communities to families.

We've built a village to bring expert support for what families need, when they need it.

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You'll have the ability to develop and market your very own courses to family caregivers.

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You'll have the ability to develop and market your very own courses to family caregivers.

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You're a Subject Matter Expert!

I'm an education expert. Building educational courses isn't everyone's sweet spot. Let's collaborate on instructional design.

What is instructional design?

  • the careful consideration of word choice, color, and graphics to demonstrate your ideas.
  • the use of cognitive theory to chunk content into consumable pieces for the best learning experience.
  • the strategic layout of material utilizing learning theories like adult learning theory, universal design for diverse learners, high impact practices, and more.
  • the design and smart implementation of learning activities to promote engagement in learners.
  •  a deep understanding of strategies that work best for in-person, hybrid, synchronous-online, and asynchronous online learning.

How I help.

We start with your dreams for your educational course.

We will develop the overarching elements.

I will then create your lessons and deliver for you a beautifully designed course, branded to your platform, with learning collateral, and a facilitation plan.

Let's turn your expertise into a sound, gorgeous, and profitable course you can take to the masses!

The Whole Care Network Pillars of Care

The Whole Care Network helps family caregivers balance their lives through stories they can identify with, resources they can count on, and referrals they can trust all centered around our 4 Pillars of Care.

We categorize all content on the Whole Care Network within one, or more, of these pillars. This makes it easy for consumers of our content to find podcasts, blogs, courses, videos, and more.

Take some time to review our Pillar of Care to see where your work fits in.

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