Instructional Design Support – 1 course




You’re an expert! But, building educational courses isn’t everyone’s sweet spot. It’s mine!

I have over 15 years experience in adult education and instructional design. I love education so much I have a Master’s and Doctorate degree in designing curriculum and instructional content. It’s literally one of my favorite things to do!

What is instructional design?

  • the careful consideration of word choice, color, and graphics to demonstrate your ideas.
  • the use of cognitive theory to chunk content into consumable pieces for the best learning experience.
  • the strategic layout of material utilizing learning theories like adult learning theory, universal design for diverse learners, high impact practices, and more.
  • the design and smart implementation of learning activities to promote engagement in learners.
  •  a deep understanding of strategies that work best for in-person, hybrid, synchronous-online, and asynchronous online learning.

When we work together, I will consult with you to learn your dreams for your educational course. Then, together, we will develop the overarching elements. I will then create your lessons and deliver to you a beautifully designed course, branded to your platform, with learning collateral (if applicable) and if desired, a facilitation plan to help you deliver your course.

Let’s turn your expertise into a sound, gorgeous, and profitable course you can take to the masses!

1 course w/up to 4 modules.