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Happy Healthy Caregiver™ Podcast

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Caring for aging parents or other loved ones while working, raising children, and trying to live your own life? Wondering how to find the time for your personal health & happiness?

Welcome to the Happy Healthy Caregiver podcast. The show where real family caregivers share how to be happy and healthy while caring for others.


Featuring Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth Miller is a family caregiver and a Certified Caregiving Consultant (CCC). Her personal experiences caring for aging parents with chronic and terminal illnesses as well as caring for a sibling with developmental disabilities while working full-time and raising a family, inspired her to create Happy Healthy Caregiver.  Elizabeth is also an ally and program guide for the Brutally Beautiful Foundation, which offers nature-based wellness retreats for family caregivers.

Elizabeth is a national speaker, workshop leader, and global advocate for family caregivers. Elizabeth helps family caregivers integrate caregiving with their busy lives through her consulting services and free resources. She is the author of Just for You: a Daily Self-Care Journal and leads the Atlanta Daughterhood Circle – a social support group for family caregivers.

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About The Happy Healthy Caregiver™ Podcast

Elizabeth shares her Caregiving stories and spotlights the stories of others in the trenches of caregiving.

Real, current, and former family caregivers figuring out how to integrate caregiving and self-care into their lives are ready to share what they have learned.



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