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Many of us are old enough to remember the day watching television as Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. When I look back on that day (July 20, 1969) I remember everyone being amazed at this historic event.

Since that historic day in 1969, I have seen quite a bit of technological advances in my lifetime and as well all know, in the past 10 years or so, technology has grown at a rapid pace. It has changed the way we communication, decipher information and data, and how we care for another person.

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On this episode of Healing Ties, we visit with Jerry Wilmink from CarePredict. Like so many of us in the Caregiving sphere, Jerry has experienced the caregiving journey “up close and personal” while caring for his grandfather who was diagnosed with lewy body dementia.

While attending to his grandfather who had fallen and broken his hip, Jerry started to look at the problem caregivers and seniors face from the perspective of technology.

But there is more to the story!

Jerry Wilmink

Early on in the podcast you will learn of Jerry’s experience developing technology to help assess the depth of skin burn injuries. That was used at the Brook Army Medical Center to help treat soldiers who were burned in combat.

You will immediately catch the passion and love in Jerry’s voice for his grandfather Dominic and his determination to create systems that connects us to better care.

With that same passion, you’ll hear Jerry talk from the heart about creating a product that positively impacts care globally.

Enjoy the following show notes, then listen to the entire podcast with our podcast player below.

Show Notes

My Grandfather Fell

Jerry: He fell in his home in October of 2010 and broke his hip, and he passed away the day after Christmas that year. He was in great shape. You know, a big Sicilian guy and one fall and within a few months he had passed away. That’s when I started getting my team together to start looking at this problem in more detail.

Technology and Care

Jerry: There was a need for technology that could confirm the personal identity of that person, where they were, and what was going on with their particular behavior – in a longitudinal way. So this was when the idea emerged to develop a smart beacon technology… a wearable technology that is the identifier for that senior. Now with the wearable and the beacon, you could get the contextual awareness of their exact location (and activities.)

Artificial Intelligence?

Jerry: Some people call the concept “artificial intelligence.” If you break down the field of artificial intelligence, there are areas called Machine Learning and Deep Learning. This field has taken off in recent years because Deep Learning require tons of data. Now those are being applied to health. So what we’re doing is taking this data and feeding it into a Deep Learning model to make predictions.

Say for instance, you know over a period of two to three weeks someone’s average is they eat an hour and 45 minutes a day. Then all of a sudden, they start eating an hour a day, or an hour and 20 minutes a day. It doesn’t seem like that big of a difference – even the most astute caregiver may not even notice the difference in time.

Filling in the Gaps

Jerry: Machines (information and data) augmenting the personal caregiver, now provide that kind of superhuman care. Care which can fill holes in the areas that give information (on behavior) that a human (caregiver) would (not necessarily see) on a daily basis.

“The goal is to augment the caregiver’s natural abilities and use technology to provide and fill holes in things that are not so easy.” (Jerry Wilmink, CarePredict)

Listen to the entire podcast and learn how Jerry Wilmink and the entire staff at CarePredict are creating Healing Ties all around us!

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