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Approximately one-third of adults age 65 years or older fall in their homes each year, resulting in injury, long-term disability, and premature institutionalization.

Age Safe America was created in an effort to help reduce and prevent falls and their associated costs by promoting the necessity of making preparations NOW to ensure ongoing freedom and independence for all.

The Senior Home Safety Specialist™ Course

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Age Safe® America is a national membership, training, and advocacy organization. Since 2015 the company has been led by nationally recognized experts in fall prevention, senior home safety, aging-in-place, universal design, home modifications, environmental assessment, and marketing to seniors and aging boomers. We provide training, consulting, certifications, product reviews, tools, resources, and support to businesses and organizations providing products and services to seniors and their adult children.

Age Safe® America has trained professionals throughout North America, Europe, and the Middle East. We have positioned ourselves as training and consulting leaders in the aging-in-place space with our Senior Home Safety Specialist™ certification. We have trained healthcare professionals, social workers, first responders, entrepreneurs, industry executives, assisted living communities, realtors, senior move managers, contractors, remodelers, home inspectors, handyman services, as well as non-profit and Fortune 100 companies.


Steven A. Bailey | Founder / Managing Director | Age Safe®America

Steven is driven by a passion to experience life fully; and to inspire others along the way. During the course of his entrepreneurial career in marketing, technology and training, Steven has been known as a communicator and an innovator. He was a founding partner in a successful “guerrilla” marketing consulting firm in 1987. After an extended sabbatical, Steven turned his passion for travel and adventure into a nationally distributed magazine and website and launched a video production company to push the boundaries of interactive multimedia marketing. Taking a further dive into technology, Steven served as VP of business development for a streaming media start-up in 2005 (pre-YouTube) and later developed an online university and integrated marketing certification for an international real estate publishing franchise. Some wins, some losses, always passionate, always driven.

In 2011 (the year boomers began turning 65) Steven joined the aging services industry to empower seniors and family caregivers. Early on he had an opportunity to work with almost every type of professional, organization, association, franchise and non-profit serving the senior community. He also had an opportunity to speak with hundreds of seniors and adult children over the years and realized a top concern for many was fall-related injuries. Steven found senior fall statistics staggering, and the impact on older adults, their families and the healthcare system was devastating.

In the summer of 2015, Steven launched Age Safe America. The mission was to help prevent falls and their associated costs by helping seniors and families determine steps necessary to maximize both Safety and Independence. Leveraging his knowledge of intellectual property Steven guided Age Safe® to acquire multiple USPTO registered trademarks and a massive portfolio of relevant domains in several countries. He negotiated a licensing agreement with a healthcare organization in Toronto to propel the mission and vision throughout Canada, and is targeting Europe for further international expansion. By effectively building brand equity and raising awareness for a comprehensive home safety assessment; Age Safe America developed a unique market segment and certification all its own. Steven is an admitted beach bum, avid hiker, recovering workaholic, loving husband and father.


Fritzi Gros-Daillon MS, CAPS, CSA | Chief Advocacy Officer | Age Safe®America

Fritzi is a highly successful entrepreneur in environmental consulting, senior move management, and most recently, the aging in place home safety field. As a Senior Move Manager for 10 years, Fritzi worked with over 1000 families in New York while being a long-distance caregiver for her parents in California.

In 2013 Fritzi founded Household Guardians, Inc. as an aging in place consulting firm. Her passion for keeping family members safe in their own homes for as long as possible grew from years of watching families struggle to make hard decisions.

Her education, licenses, and certifications combined with thirty years of business experience bring a combination of expertise and perspective to Age Safe America. Fritzi provides strategic and operational oversight to ASA’s advocacy, communications, and public relations efforts. Fritzi leads ASA’s training and education programs ensuring up-to-date industry knowledge to enhance the value of ASA membership.

Her book, “Grace and Grit: Insights to Real-Life Challenges of Aging for Adult Children and their Parents,” has won three national awards since publication in 2014. Age Safe® Live Well


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