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Caregiver Chronicals

Sarah Stelmach-Brown

This is the story of my personal and professional life as a caregiver. I’ve been a CNA for 15+ years and have 2 children on the autism spectrum. In addition to that I’ve cared for family members with dementia. It can be crazy and overwhelming at times but caregiving is my life. This is our story.

Jeremy Brown

Jeremy Brown is a writer, editor, podcast co-host, Emmy-nominated local news producer, husband and father. His work in local TV news left him with a yearning for a more creative outlet and the coronavirus pandemic and his wife’s caregiver burnout presented him with the opportunity to stretch his creative muscles while also helping others. Jeremy, and his wife Sarah, launched the podcast “Caregiver Chronicles” together in August 2020. While Sarah is the lead, Jeremy serves as a co-host for many episodes and also edits every episode.

Jeremy has served as an advocate for Mental Health awareness, Autism awareness and acceptance, Alzheimer’s awareness, and Caregiver Burnout awareness. He has shared personal stories of donating bone marrow, the struggles of being an autism parent and caregiver, the struggles of caring for a person with Alzheimer’s, mental health struggles and helping his wife manage caregiver burnout and turning that into a platform to help others.

Jeremy is also passionate about audio and video editing and production. In college, the senior documentary he and his team made about Mixed Martial Arts won the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association award for Best Documentary. In his professional life, Jeremy has served as a news producer at 4 TV stations in 4 states since 2006 where he wrote scripts, set up newscasts and even edited video for the newscast. In 2022, he was nominated for a New England Emmy for Best Local Morning Newscast for coverage of the impact of Hurricane Ida on Southern New England.

Jeremy has also appeared on several other podcasts including: “I Watched It With My Wife,” “I Listened With My Wife,” “Racing With Remy,” and “What’s On Disney Plus: Movie Review.” Jeremy also served as the audio editor for “I Watched It With My Wife,” “I Listened With My Wife,” and “Racing With Remy,” while serving as the video editor for “I Watched It With My Wife” and “Racing With Remy.”

Jeremy is also a huge Disney fan and a movie buff. He writes freelance articles for where he reviews Disney films on Disney+ as well as provides rankings and listicles. He’s also an avid sports fan, who has found an appreciate for several teams based on the places he’s lived. He’s a big fan of the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks, Texas Rangers, Dallas Stars, Dallas Mavericks and Boston Bruins.


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