Stand Out From Your Competition and Bolster Your Brand With Our Custom Podcast Series!

"Everyone has a story, but not everyone gets a chance to tell their story. On the Whole Care Network, we give you the opportunity to tell your story because the best information and trusted referrals come from the stories and experiences we share!" 


Christopher MacLellan
FOUNDER & CEO - Whole Care Network, Inc.

Bolster Your Brand and Stand Out From Your Competition With A Custom Podcast Series!

  • In Your Own Voice
  • About Your Story and Brand
  • On Your Dedicated Podcast Channel
  • Embedded on Your Website
  • Featured on All Podcast Platforms
  • Record Anywhere with a Virtual Studio
  • Professionally Edited Audio and Video
  • Target Marketing
  • Statistical Reports
  • Social Media, Custom Media Kit, and More
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What a Custom Podcast Series Can Do for You and Your Business...

Promote Your Product

Establish Your Expertise

Increase Your Network

Educate Your Audience

Enhance Brand Credibility

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Enhance Your Marketing Portfolio!

Your custom podcast series of six episodes (or more) are strategically crafted to delve deeply into the key aspects of your brand, product, or service - in your words and your voice - complementing your marketing efforts!

Each episode follows a proven format to introduce you, your products, and services by sharing four or five key topics, then recap and pull everything together in a “Call to Action” episode. 

Your dedicated podcast channel and individual episodes can be embedded in your website, newsletter and social media outlets while being automatically distributed to all the popular podcast platforms, including Spotify, Google Play, Apple, iHeart (and many more).

Our virtual studio makes it easy for us to turn your audio podcast into a video podcast.×-512-px.png

Snapshot of Some of the Amazing Benefits of Your Custom Podcast Series and Podcast Channel  

Virtual Studio Allows You To Record from Anywhere

Powered by our virtual studio allows you to be comfortable recording in your own surroundings. We'll guide you on obtaining the proper microphone and camera to maximize your podcast.

Professional Edited Audio and Video  

Our team of top-notch editors have years of experience to make all of us sound and look good!

Statistical Reports 

Powered by, your podcast channel has a unique RSS feed and URL which allows us to track the progress of your podcast by individual episodes, how and where people are listening, and much, much more!

Target Marketing

Your audio file can be used in a variety of social media formats and transcribed into Show Notes to be used on your company blog, newsletters, emails, and more!

NEW - Become a WCN-Fluencer 

As a WCN-Fluencer we'll create your own custom microsite on the Whole Care Network, add your podcast to our WCN podcast catalogue for additional exposure for your story and brand and create a 10 to 15-minute YouTube welcome video for you to use across our networks.

Yes... Video Podcasts Are Available

We can create a video podcast, and commercials to play across your website, blog, YouTube Channel, and social media platforms (get in touch for pricing on for video editing).

New > Branded Media Kit 

Adding the vision to your sound, a custom branded graphic will be created for your show. In addition, to help you promote your show and business to prospective guests, other podcast hosts, journalists, and bloggers who are interested in spotlighting your business, we create a media kit for you.

- Your Custom Podcast Series -
Three Options Available

- Power -

  • Six Custom Podcasts
  • Trailer Episode
  • Professionally Edited
  • Dedicated Podcast Channel
  • Theme Music
  • Podcast Host
  • Statistical Reports
  • Automated Distribution
  • Transcriptions
  • One Year Free Podcast Hosting
  • One Page Custom Media Kit

- Skilled -

  • Six Custom Podcasts
  • Trailer Episode
  • Professionally Edited
  • Dedicated Podcast Channel
  • Theme Music
  • Podcast Host
  • Statistical Reports
  • Automated Distribution
  • Transcriptions
  • One Year Free Podcast Hosting
  • One Page Custom Media Kit
  • Six 60-Second AudioGrams
  • Targeted Social Media Promotion

- Awesome -

  • Six Custom Podcasts
  • Trailer Episode
  • Professionally Edited
  • Dedicated Podcast Channel
  • Theme Music
  • Podcast Host
  • Statistical Reports
  • Automated Distribution
  • Transcriptions
  • Three Years of Free Podcast Hosting
  • Three to Five Page Custom Media Kit
  • Six 60-Second AudioGrams
  • Targeted Social Media Promotion
  • WCN-Fluencer Video Podcast
  • Featured Landing Page on WCN
  • Three Additional Bonus Podcasts
    • Three Additional-60 Second AudioGrams

Even If You Have Never Podcasted Before, We Have The Coaching Tools Available To Help You Feel Comfortable behind The Microphone! 

- Your Custom Podcast Series -
Sample AudioGram

AudioGrams are Embeddable on Your Website and Social Media Platforms

- Your Custom Podcast Series -
Custom Media Kit and Podcast Hosting By Colleen Kavanaugh

Colleen Media Kit

For over 30 years, Colleen has been a multi-talented creative freelancer who loves to turn up the volume for her clients through designing branding and marketing and marketing materials, streamlining belongings, building efficient systems, and all manner of content creation.

As a designer, national speaker, and author, creating content for presentations is Colleen's favorite form of communication.

Colleen earned a communication degree from Boston University and believes life is more fun in sequin pants.


Colleen Kavanaugh
Ala-Cart Services > Podcast Show Art
Enhance your podcast with custom-designed show art to have you stand out from the crowd, compliment your current branding, and look great in the thumbnail size it will be viewed on smartphones and internet browsers. Because people do judge books by their covers, it is the artwork that will make listeners find your show before they decide whether to listen!

What Colleen's Clients, Guests, and Listeners Are Saying...

"Colleen is a creative and organized design genius! She finds the exceptional in the ordinary and can guide you through branding, content creation and strategy, and more. My weekly newsletter has soared to a 129% increased open rate. She’s like a Swiss Army knife for your business." Elizabeth Miller, Founder of Happy Healthy Caregiver

— Elizabeth Miller
Founder of Happy Healthy Caregiver

"Colleen's eye and attention to detail have created branded content for my business that receives constant compliments from my clients."

- Abigail R., client 

"Colleen is not only creative, but she is also professional and a joy to work with." Clare M., client

— Clare M., Client

"The space you gave me to share my story was one of the greatest gifts anyone has ever given to me. Thank you for holding this sacred space and for believing in me and my story. I can’t tell you what it means to me."

- Ingrid Latina, Strength Coach

"As the guest needed a moment to experience an emotional shift and to get centered, Colleen seamlessly stepped in and graciously created the space."

-Leslie Cottrell Simonds

"These podcasts, hosted by Colleen Kavanaugh, are the caregiver's version of This American Life. Beautifully done with sensitivity and humor, they explore the before, during, and after effects of loss in all its forms. Truly not to be missed."

- Judith Henry, Author of The Dutiful Daughter's Guide to Caregiving

"I’m consistently amazed by the lightness and perspective that Colleen brings to difficult topics."

- Kristyn J., listener

"Your interview with my wife was the reason I wanted to also be on your show, I learned things about my wife I never knew."

- Paulie Gee, Owner of Paulie Gees Pizzerias 

"Your podcast is so helpful, both in the guests and advice you’ve given, but also in the sharing of your story, and even just your responses during conversations you have with your guests — it’s all so reassuring."

- Elizabeth S., listener

"Your show is a very positive resource for a world that I’m pretty sure needs it. "

- Justin C., listener

"Your podcast goes such a long way in normalizing these conversations that feel so uncomfortable."

- Liz O'Donnell, Founder of Working Daughter

What Our Podcast Series Clients Are Saying...

"It was a treat to be interviewed by Chris on PodPourri – Senior Living Insights sponsored by The Ehlers' Group. Chris’ easy manner and welcoming way of encouraging storytelling produce a podcast that is informative and fun at the same time. The overall topic of senior living is so rich with stories and insights. I look forward to hearing more informative interviews under Chris’s expert, engaging guidance.

Jane Marie OConner

Jane Marie O'Conner
CEO 55+ Marketing

"Podcasts are a wonderful opportunity to take time to relax and simply talk about something a person likes, enjoys, or just wants to share. When used to introduce a 55+ Community or the wonderful events or advantages available, it can be a terrific tool.

Working with Janis Ehlers and Chris a short time ago, I had the chance to experience it all in person. I found my experience with Chris was very different from an interview. It was a fun, easy exchange of information and ideas. His questions helped weave me through many years of experience and drew forth stories I hope proved interesting and, in some cases, maybe even value to a Builder, Developer, or resident on that 55+ Community journey! Thank you, Janis and Chris."


I highly recommend Christopher both as someone you want to listen to and learn from as well as someone you want to work with!"

— Sue Ryan
Inspirational speaker, motivational speaker, leadership coach.

— Lea Ann Biafora, RN, OCN- CMM, ONN-CG
CEO/Founder at Beacon Advocates.

— Deb Kelsey-Davis, RN, MHSA
Healthcare Innovator, Founder Nourish for Caregivers.

— Steven Bailey   
Age Safe® Live Well. 

— Larry Nisenson
Business Transformation Leader striving to modernize the distribution of insurance products and services

— Janis Ehlers
Award-winning marketing specialist and founder at The Ehlers Group

— Leonard Segel
Architecture Consultant at KEPHART and Preservationist with Historic Boulder.

— Amanda Singleton 
Attorney at Law, Caregiver Advocate, AARP Expert

— Amanda Singleton 
Attorney at Law, Caregiver Advocate, AARP Expert

Elliot Montgomery Sklar
Associate Professor, Department of Health Science at Nova Southeastern University

Meet Your Podcast Hosts

Colleen Kavanaugh

Colleen Kavanaugh believes life is more fun in sequin pants.

Her clients believe she is a Swiss army knife for their business.

If you’re looking to turn ordinary into exceptional, Colleen’s blend of straight-shooting practicality, creativity, and eye-catching design is for you. With three decades of personally assisting creatives, she enables entrepreneurs to turn up their volume and broadcast the best versions of themselves with the unique skillsets of branding, brand messaging, graphic design, copywriting, content strategy, and approaches for their businesses (and homes) to run more efficiently and beautifully.

Colleen holds a Communications degree from Boston University. A former national speaker and author, she is a lover of stories and people and the host of the 5-star rated podcasts: THE AFTERLIFE: Stories of Transformation After Loss and LOVE LETTER.


Christopher MacLellan believes wearing a bow tie is like wearing two smiles!

I've been wearing bow ties since my 40th birthday, so if my math is correct, I am entering my 25th year sporting the bow tie look.

I started podcasting in 2013 and find this form of media is like having a conversation with a friend at your kitchen table.  My best communication skill is listening and being present with my guest.  Podcasting fits my laid-back, conversational style.

I am the author of "What's The Deal with Caregiving" and have produced over 300 of the popular Healing Ties Podcasts featured here on the Whole Care Network.  I earned a master's degree in Communication and Leadership from Gonzaga University and founded the Whole Care Network in 2017.

And along the way in my life journey, I met this wonderful person by the name of Colleen Kavanaugh, and I am absolutely thrilled we are collaborating on this exciting endeavor together!

Ready to find out more?

Get In Touch - Debut Podcast Series Bundle Starts at $7,999.  Volume discounts are available!

Additional Ala-Cart Services available include:

  • Custom Show Art -
  • Audio-Video Editing -
  • Podcast Promotion -
  • Lead Generation - B2B & B2C
  • Social Media Scheduling


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