Kimberly Whiter



Kimberly Whiter is Owner and CEO of a business in the care economy, Elder Care Solutions, which helps families overcome the financial challenges of aging and caring.

She is also the creator of The Care Colloquium, the first of its kind, national thought leadership conference for leaders in the care economy. She created The Care Colloquium to bring together leaders like herself: Founders, CEOs, Authors, Researchers, etc. all trying to make care better for families. Her vision was a space where these leaders would built a true ecosystem around care, and in doing so build collaborative approaches to their work and provide thought leadership on creative solutions to tough care challenges.

With her own creative collaboration with Chris and The Whole Care Network, she is carrying forward her promise to create a space for the formation of a care ecosystem made up of care economy leaders working together, not just at an annual event, but all year round. Additionally, the NEW Whole Care Network provides an avenue for care leaders to disseminate their own care stories and share their work as trusted resources and education to families. Thus, care gets better everywhere because leaders are working together and sharing their work with families more effectively!

Kimberly Whiter, PhD

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