Revolutionizing Growth


Jeff Studzinski

Revolutionizing Growth , LLC was formed shortly after my life saving kidney transplant in 2006. Our company was formed out of an over whelming passion to pay it forward and help others survive and truly thrive during extreme challenges. Firstly, I would like to thank our amazing and all loving God we serve as without Him and his miraculous hand of healing I would never be here today or have survived my coma and extreme health challenges.

Additionally, I would like to begin with thanking my amazing loving, caring, courageous and heroic kidney donor and daughter who saved my life with her life saving kidney. My infinite love, gratitude and forever thankfulness go out to my amazing and heroic daughter Monica. I would also like to thank my amazing, courageous, loving wife Cheryl and my son Josh and other daughter Melissa who were all courageous and willing to give me this amazing gift of life and love. To every person that offered me one of their kidneys to save my life I am also infinitely grateful thankful and love you all. To my amazing doctors, nurses and all healthcare professionals who not only saved my life but truly have become a part of our family and we love you all forever and are infinitely grateful to each and everyone.

You are all part of this amazing and blessed mission that we are blessed to call Revolutionizing Growth, LLC! Grateful for the many amazing blessings, people, partnerships, organizations, hospitals and non-profits partner with us to bring hope filled thriving solutions.


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