White Paper: The Importance of Supporting Working Family Caregivers


In March 2023, Care Leaders nationwide started to collaborate monthly to foster workplace change in the Workplace. Read more, download the Whitepaper, join the discussion and share your thoughts on this important topic!

In March 2023, Care Leaders nationwide gathered monthly to foster workplace change in the Whole Care Network’s Employee Benefits in the Care Economy Mastermind.

“We all feel supporting working family caregivers is an important issue. Many care economy leaders are working hard to break into the employee benefits space as an effective B2B option. The market is tough.”

The authors of this White Paper collaborated in a mastermind group focused on answering challenging questions about the juggle faced by millions of individuals between their careers and the care they provide for a loved one. The result of one year of work is a comprehensive document that will foster change in the workplace.

The Mastermind group distilled insights, trends, and actionable strategies gathered from extensive research and industry expertise. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the field, we believe you will find valuable information and perspectives that can inform your decision-making and strategies regarding the support of working family caregivers.

Highlighting Insights from HR Leaders:
🌟 Insights from 10 HR Leaders! Our latest white paper features findings from a discussion panel representing diverse organizations across the US. Gain valuable perspectives on the challenges and solutions surrounding family caregiving in the workplace.
Addressing the Realities of Family Caregiving:
📊 Discover the current realities of family caregiving in our newest white paper. Learn about the unique challenges caregivers face and explore strategies for supporting employees in balancing caregiving responsibilities with their careers.
Perceived Impacts of Care-Career Juggle on Organizations:
💼 How does the care-career juggle affect organizations? Our white paper examines the perceived impacts of caregiving responsibilities on employee productivity, engagement, and retention. Gain insights into the challenges faced by organizations and potential solutions.
Valuable Suggestions for Best Practices in Employee Benefits:
💡 Seeking best practices in employee benefits and policies? Look no further! Our white paper offers valuable suggestions from HR Leaders on how organizations can better support employees in balancing caregiving responsibilities and work commitments.
Encouraging Action and Engagement:
🔍 Dive into the conversation on family caregiving and the workplace! Our white paper provides actionable insights and recommendations for organizations looking to enhance their support for caregiving employees.

Download the Whitepaper, join the discussion, share your thoughts, and drive positive change here!

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