Jack’s Caregiver Coalition: It’s About The Hospitality

As consumers, we often measure our satisfaction through the lens of hospitality and service. How many times have you said, “The hospitality was great and the service was even better, I’ll definitely go back again.”

Until today, I’ve never, EVER heard the word Hospitality and Caregiving intertwined and I must say, after my conversation with Kyle Woody from Jack’s Caregiver Coalition, I find these two words and actions fit perfectly together.

Jack’s Caregiver Coalition: Cancer Caregivers

Kyle Woody

On this episode of Healing Ties, we visit with Kyle Woody from Jack’s Caregiver Coalition. ” Jack’s Caregiver Coalition’s mission is “To improve the way men think, feel, and act in their role as a cancer caregiver.”

This mission is accomplished by providing hospitality and service.

But there is much more to the story!

Early on in the conversation you’ll learn about how Kyle’s caregiving experience unfolded with his wife Nikki and her with colon cancer. Enjoy the following show notes, then listen to the entire conversation below.

Show Notes

Kyle: But you know thinking back on that day that my wife was diagnosed and able to connect and to have a conversation with a colorectal surgeon that they were part of her mind and was able to reduce her anxiety and calm her. And I never received that from anyone for probably the better part of three years and you know so that that’s what you know when we talk about our vision which is community for man and for caregivers not necessarily a community of man or community that’s for them. 

You’ll hear Kyle talk about what he learned from Jack and serving caregivers

Kyle: Jack responded very concisely and simply… served the caregiver always.

I identified with Kyle when he talked about men not wanting to talk about there feeling, but have the capacity to care

Kyle: I believe that every one of them has the potential to rise to that challenge and bring his boldest most confident self. And that’s when these men when they talked about the identity crisis that there was such a huge part of it. I mean there’s a weird thing about that great male caregiver it’s like oh you must say you’re a male nurse. So funny man. And we talked to a lot of them. It just doesn’t resonate. Not something that they get excited about and whereas with women when we say male caregiver we’re that totally natural but we just kind of bond toward the men who are caregivers because we want to acknowledge their man. This isn’t a threat to your masculinity.

Caregiving is not something we can do alone…well said Kyle!

Kyle:You know I’m very very clear when I get the opportunity to meet with the gentleman tell them hey you can do this alone. You’re going to suck at it.”

Meeting caregivers on their own terms helps establish Jack’s hospitality and service mission.

Kyle: “We probably most often respond with what we call abstract to Jack which is you know we meet them on their time in their part of town in the way that they want to get a coffee and a lunch at a happy hour. But we want to make it easy on them or not. And I take someone who is already too busy to stress and try to ask them to come to us. And a lot of times I think especially for a man for some reason that wanders one environment is a lot safer feeling more likely to engage in a meaningful conversation about serious issues than in a group environment”

Toward the end, you’ll definitely want to know what it means to be a Full Monty Jack. I just love that! 

Listen in and learn how Kyle Woody and Jack’s Caregiver Coalition is taking Hospitality and Service to caregivers in Minneapolis (and beyond) while creating Healing Ties all around us.

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Jack’s Core Values

  • Value-only Mindset. If our customers (men who are cancer caregivers) wouldn’t value what you’re doing, ask, why am I doing this?
  • Be Optimistic. Believing that something is possible will somehow make it so.
  • Learn from the Unexpected. Reflect often on the things that surprise you, ask why and seek to understand.
  • Make others successful. Going out of your way to help others is the secret sauce.
  • Take Ownership. The social contract here: individual ownership supports collective responsibility. Own that.
  • Say/Do Ratio. Always strive for your ratio to be 1. Nothing builds trust faster than quality commitments.

More about Jack’s Caregiver Coalition

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