We're passionate about... Helping You Share Your Story 

We believe podcasts are a fantastic way to tell your story in your own words and in your own voice.

We believe it is through story sharing where diversity meets the road to collaborate on a common cause.

We believe the best information and trusted referrals come from our shared stories.


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"It's Through Story Sharing That Diversity and Collaboration Collide."

Christopher MacLellan, Founder Whole Care Network

"Podcasts featured on the Whole Care Network are for informational purposes only. 

Views and opinions expressed on any podcast are solely those of the host and/or guest and may not reflect those of the Whole Care Network.

Always consult with your health care provider(s) for your medical needs, consult with your attorney for legal needs, and consult with your financial advisor for your financial needs.

And Thank YOU for listening to the Whole Care Network!"

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One of the unique features of our podcasters on the Whole Care Network is that many are (were) new to podcasting, but have a story to share, and a resource to provide.

Whether you are new to podcasting or a seasoned veteran, we have a place for you on The Whole Care Network.

On the Whole Care Network, you always own your own content!

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